How To Choose The Right Wheels For Your Hot Rod

wheels-300x225Measure the width of the hot rod’s current wheels, by measuring across the track from inside edge to outside edge. Knowing the dimensions of your current wheels will give you a good idea of the kind of wheels your hot rod will be able to support and will give you precise dimensions which to compare new wheels.

Measure the diameter of the hot rod’s current wheels, by measuring across the face of the wheel at the center. If the vehicle has fenders or wheel wells, also measure the inside dimensions of these.

Calculate the average number of miles you drive your hot rod each year. Mileage plays a crucial role in the type of tire that will be suitable for your needs. For example, if you plan to use your hot rod often then select a tire with a high mileage rating.

Determine your hot rod’s purpose and the driving habits required to achieve that purpose; for instance, if your hot rod’s purpose is to serve as a racing vehicle, select a tire that specializes in maximum handling and acceleration. Alternatively, if your hot rod will be used more generally, consider a wheel that can handle multiple types of surfaces and weather conditions.

Analyze your local yearly weather conditions and the weather conditions in which you will be using your hot rod; for instance, if you plan to use your hot rod sparsely as just a show piece, weather may not play a large factor, so you may want a wheel that has the most pleasing visual appeal. Moreover, if your area experiences snowy winters during which you plan to use your hot rod, selecting a tire that is designed for extra traction may be the wisest choice.

Take all gathered information to a store that specializes in automotive wheels and discuss your options with a sales representative. Based on the information you have gathered, you will be able to narrow your wheel options significantly, making choosing the correct wheel for your hot rod as simple as possible.

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